Victim Advocacy

Victim Advocacy Services are available on site and in some situations can take place in safe/private/neutral community locations.

Comprehensive, coordinated victim support and advocacy services are provided by individuals who have specialized training in victim advocacy.


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A Yavapai Family Advocacy Center Victim Advocate can provide the following services:

› Crisis assessment and interventions, risk assessment, and safety planning and support for children and family members at all stages of involvement with the Center.
› Assessment of individual needs and cultural considerations for the child and family to ensure those needs are addressed.
› Information sharing about the coordinated, multidisciplinary response.
› Provision of education and access to victims’ rights and crime victims’ compensation.
› Assistance in procuring concrete services (i.e. protective orders, food, transportation, public assistance, temporary housing etc).
› Provision of referrals for specialized, trauma-focused evidence-supported mental health.
› Engagement in child and family response regarding participation in the investigation and/or prosecution.
› Provisions of updates to the family on case status, continuances, dispositions, and sentencing.
› Provision of court education, support, and accompaniment.
› Coordinated case management meetings with multidisciplinary team members.
› Provision of education regarding the cycle of abuse and referral to various support groups designed to support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
› Emergency supports and referrals regarding food, shelter, clothing needs when leaving a violent situation.

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