Yavapai Family Advocacy Center

Mandatory Reporter Training

This training is for educators, social workers, healthcare workers, foster parents and any other person who is responsible for the care of a child.  It is designed to increase the awareness of A.R.S. 13-3620, increase awareness of signs of child abuse and neglect, and increase the likelihood that suspected abuse will be reported.

Domestic Violence Awareness Training 

This course aims to improve individuals’ ability to identify and respond to clients affected by domestic violence. It will examine the dynamics of abusive relationships and provide an overview of the rights and options available to victims and survivors. After completing this course, delegates should be able to identify the core needs of clients and to refer them on to appropriate specialist support services.

Joint Investigation Protocol Training (specifically for law enforcement and department of child safety) 

This training is for Law Enforcement personnel and Department of Child Safety (DCS) employees who are responsible for conducting joint investigation regarding allegations of child abuse/neglect, which also include criminal activity.  It I designed to increase the awareness of A.R.S. 8-817 Joint Investigations Protocols.

Introduction to YFAC, Best Practice when conducting investigations of interpersonal crimes using Advocacy Centers and a Multi-Disciplinary Response Team 

 This training is for law enforcement officers, medical professionals, mental health providers, family service providers and victim advocates.  It is designed to increase awareness of the process of investigating crimes of interpersonal violence and supporting victims through the investigation process, as well as providing after care services to victims and their families.

Sex Trafficking Awareness Training 

 This training is for community groups, service providers, school staff, medical/mental health professionals, business owners and staff (restaurants, bars, hotels/motels, pharmacies) to increase understanding regarding what sex trafficking is, how it impacts our community, how prevalent it is in Yavapai County and Arizona and increase awareness be better able to identify victims or potential victims and sex trafficking and report incidents to law enforcement.

Yavapai family advocacy center staff are experts in identifying and providing services to victims of interpersonal crimes.  Trainings can be adapted or created to fit the specific needs of your agency.  If you have a specific training need that is not listed above, please call yfac at 928 775 0669 and ask to speak to the director. 


Prevent Child Abuse Arizona

Our parent organization offers trainings in several areas related to the prevention and investigation of child abuse. 

For information on trainings coordinated by Prevent Child Abuse Arizona, please click here.


 If you are hosting an event or training in your community and would like an expert speaker to address your group regarding domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, investigations of interpersonal crimes, sex trafficking or a related topic please contact YFAC at 928 775 0669 and ask to speak to the director.

Trainings and speaking engagements may be presented dually with YFAC staff and one of our partnering Law Enforcement Personnel Experts