Yavapai Family Advocacy Center

Mandatory Reporter Training

This training is for educators, social workers, healthcare workers, foster parents and any other person who is responsible for the care of a child.  It is designed to increase the awareness of A.R.S. 13-3620, increase awareness of signs of child abuse and neglect, and increase the likelihood that suspected abuse will be reported.

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona

Our parent organization offers trainings in several areas related to the prevention and investigation of child abuse. 

For information on trainings coordinated by Prevent Child Abuse Arizona, please click here.

Speakers Bureau

Yavapai Family Advocacy Center Staff wants to talk to you!  We have speakers available for the following topics:

  • Yavapai Family Advocacy Center – This presentation explains the purpose of an advocacy center and what resources they have for the community.
  • Domestic Violence – From definition to your next-door neighbor, how domestic violence affects us all.  The impact domestic violence has on the family and on children.  What are things that people can do when they know someone is involved in a domestic dispute?
  • Emotional and verbal abuse – So it’s not as bad as physical abuse, or is it?  Does domestic violence include emotional abuse?  Defining abuse and how to tell when you may be in an unhealthy relationship.
  • Sexual Abuse -This presentation will provide the effects of sexual abuse.  We will discuss shock, denial, self-esteem, fear and anger.
  • Teen dating – This presentation will help teenagers understand the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship.  What parents need to know about teen dating violence.

All of these presentations are offered free of charge.  If you are interested in having a Yavapai Family Advocacy Center staff member speak to your group, please call us at 928.775.0669.