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Our Mission: The mission of the Yavapai Family Advocacy Center is to reduce trauma to victims of abuse by providing a safe and supportive environment and facilitating a team approach to advocacy, investigation, and prosecution.

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Forensic Interviewer 

Job Title: Forensic Interviewer

Reports to:  Program Director

FSLA Classification: Nonexempt, Full Time, Hourly

Job Summary: The Forensic Interviewer is responsible for conducting developmentally, culturally appropriate, and legally defensible forensic interviews of children and adults who have been referred to the Yavapai Family Advocacy Center (YFAC). Reported incidents include, but are not limited to, sexual abuse, domestic violence, physical abuse/neglect, witnesses to violent crimes and sex trafficking. The position is also responsible for carrying out the purposes, policies and programs of the organization as determined by the Board of Directors.


  1. Bachelor’s degree is strongly preferred, or,
  2. Five years of experience working with children and families where violence has been an identified issue, or working in the field of children’s services or child maltreatment crimes
  3. Completion of 40 hours of research based nationally recognized forensic interviewing course previously or upon hire.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Conduct on-site, digitally recorded, legally sound, neutral interviews of suspected child and adult victims, following a research based protocol, including Arizona Advanced Forensic Interview Training and the Yavapai County Child Abuse Investigation Protocols.
  2. Coordinate with members of the Multidisciplinary Investigation Team (MDT) pre and post interview for information sharing.
  3. Complete summary of interview and distribute to appropriate MDT members.
  4. Attend and participate in case review and MDT meetings as scheduled by Program Director.
  5. Attend/testify Court proceedings as requested/subpoenaed.
  6. Update internal data base as required.
  7. Attend initial and on-going training and stay abreast of emerging issues in forensic interviewing.
  8. Implement and maintain all policies and procedures as determined by the Board, including NCA standards.
  9. Assist advocates with agency data collection and system input.
  10. Representing YFAC to the public and assisting with community outreach and training activities.
  11. Other duties as assigned by Program Director.

Special Requirements and Skills:

  1. Satisfactory result from a criminal background check and the issuance of the appropriate fingerprint clearance card.
  2. Excellent computer skills.
  3. Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines.
  4. Ability to function harmoniously in a busy work place as part of a multidisciplinary team.
  5. Acknowledge and adhere to the confidentiality policy and procedures and must adhere strictly to the highest professional ethics, confidentiality, discretion, and judgment.
  6. Excellent verbal and nonverbal skills to communicate with children, families, staff, interns, volunteers, multidisciplinary team members, and the public.
  7. Understanding of child development ages birth to 18 years.
  8. Understanding of complex family dynamics in child abuse.
  9. Knowledge of current services available in the area.
  10. Willingness to accommodate limited travel, and work on-call nights, evenings, weekends, and holidays if necessary.
  11. Ability to work effectively in crisis situations.
  12. Ability to communicate effectively in court.
  13. Ability and willingness to work as a team member with colleagues, volunteers, interns, and MDT members.
  14. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  15. Excellent problem solving skills.
  16. Valid driver’s license.

Work Context:

  1. Requires repetitive movement.
  2. Requires sitting.
  3. Requires face-to-face discussions with individuals or teams.
  4. Requires writing letters and memos
  5. Requires contact with others (fact-to-face, by telephone, or otherwise).
  6. Requires use of electronic mail.
  7. Requires telephone conversations.
  8. Includes conflict situations.
  9. Requires dealing with unpleasant, angry, or discourteous people.
  10. Impact of decisions are that mistakes are not easily correctable and have serious consequences.
  11. Requires being exact or highly accurate.
  12. Requires meeting strict deadlines.
  13. Requires work with external customers or public.
  14. Requires work with others in a group or team.
  15. Requires coordinating or leading others in accomplishing work activities.
  16. Requires working indoors in environmentally controlled conditions.
  17. Job tasks are performed in close physical proximity to other people.
  18. Ability to lift up to 15 pounds.                                                                      

Supervisory Responsibility:



Depending on experience.